Life’s too short..

You probably think that this is one of those cliche posts but honestly I think that all the little cliche things in life are often true. Recently, I was sat thinking about the passing of time and how fast 2017 has gone so far. Then a sudden realisation hit me hard, that life really is […]

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Saying goodbye to 2016

It’s that time again where another year has passed and I feel like it has gone so quickly. I wanted to write this blog post as something for me to look back on in the future but also to share with all of you as an end to 2016 on the blog and to look […]

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Appreciate the little things

This is probably going to be one of those cliche posts, but I really think its important to appreciate the little things in life. Life is so delicate and precious. You honestly never know what is just around the corner so appreciate everything you have right here right now because you never know when it […]

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All things autumn.

There’s something about this time of year that I just love, when the leaves start to turn all different colours and go all crunchy when you walk over them. Don’t get me wrong I ┬álove summer, the longer and lighter nights, the going out to bbq’s with friends and the picnics in the park but […]

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Hello,welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be starting this blog as reading other people’s blogs and creating a blog is something which I have always been interested in but I have never really had the courage to create one until now! So I thought that now is a better time than never, […]

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